My Year

Stepping into December with a satisfied mind..

We are approaching the end of 2016, my favorite year so far. The year I finally went public as an entrepreneur; an identity I wasn’t ready to totally own. I was simply afraid to be too much for some people.

Growing up, I was that kid one would find active in almost everything: Choir, dance group, theatre, science club, working for my dad, etc. To sum it all up, I am a multitasker. It was hard for people around me to accept me as I am. It even took some time to my family to embrace it. I used to fight with my mom because she couldn’t stand how I would do so much at the same time. But on the other hand, my dad called me a genius. He was always telling me I am going to be a very important woman. I grew up then within two people who would argue about what I should become. I remember my mom saying: ‘ She can defend herself and others; she should be a great lawyer ‘. My dad would argue: ‘My daughter is very smart; she succeeds well in science. She should be a doctor’ Their wishes for me were great and I know they could only be the best; but their daughter wasn’t ready to fit in.

In high school, people would mistake me with students into literature while I was into sciences. According to them, I didn’t look a scientific kind of student. Yes, I was into magazines, makeup, dance, music, art, writing, business and still loved science. I was simply breaking the stereotypes. It’s funny that even today people think I am an extrovert but my closest friends know I am an introvert. All of this to say, I never fit anywhere with stereotypes.

2016 was not just another year of my life journey. It’s the year I announced to the world: ‘Hey, I am multitasker. I can do a lot at once so do not try to define me.’

I have been into business for quite some time. When I first started back in Burundi, my parents supported me. They thought that doing a lot of new things was a teenager thing. They told themselves that I was in a phase of discovering myself and they were going to let me try anything I wanted until I found myself. For them, I was going to grow with age and focus on one thing, but the more I grew, the more I did a lot at once. It is who I am. I draw passion in multitasking.

But God bless them. They sent me to America where I learned that I could be anything. In fact an average millionaire in America has seven sources of income. I’ve learned that I was going to be too much for some people and that’s okay. I’ve learned not to dim my light; because there is someone out there who is just like me and who needs to know they don’t have to fit in.

Today, my passion is stronger than before. I’ve stopped trying to be normal because normal people did not impact the world. I’ve chosen to be me; a little girl who loves doing a lot and won’t allow anyone to affect her passion.

If you are reading this, and have dreams, plans and goals; you better protect them. Protect that fire inside you that comes from who you are and pushes you to shine. Protect your passion from your friends, family, coworkers who don’t understand that you do what you do because it’s simply who you are. Keep your passion alive even when you would have to be alone to stay away from negativity.

Own your identity and be successful. Remember that real success is living your purpose daily

Until next time, take care,