Mother will you let me stand tall?


Mother, will you let me stand tall?
I am sitting on top of my dreams
My eyes are piercing through
The walls of my culture
And I need clarity.
I need to know It’s ok to be thirty
And not married.
I need to know I am allowed
To have goals besides getting married.

Mother will you let me stand tall
And dream of getting my degree
Without looking at my wrinkles
Fasting without cease for a mate.
My generation is playing hard
Acting fast, getting pregnant easily
So they can get the ring
But,I ,mother need clarity

What’s next now?
You got the ring, you are ‘happily’
You achieved what you called ‘THE GOAL’

A vision?

My dear, have you ever seen 
Far than a healty wealth man?
Far than walking straight to him?
Far than taking your suitcase to him?
Far than enjoying HIS sweat?
Have you ever seen far?
What’s next now?

Mother let me stand tall
At least fly upon my fears
Dream of my hopes
Live my unspoken feelings
And make my ambitions
THE GOAL regardless of
The wrinkles I can conceal
For I dream bigger than the white dress

I wrote this poem for all the girls with dreams. Our society label us daily. We are told that we are aging so we can rush into things. But what if you do what you dream first😊

From my heart to Yours,