Till I cross that line

She always makes me cry!
Till I cross that line,I will simply live


imageTill i cross that line,
I will let tears roll down my cheeks as i smile,
Let myself feel the pain as it cuts.
I will bear their judgements,
Quietly listen to their opinions
About my life, about my decisions.
Till i cross that line,
I will accept to pass unnoticed,
As long as i keep what i promised,
I will take the blame,
And ignore the fame,
As i wait, I will endure the shame.
But again until then,
I shall stand
Broken, humiliated, and abandoned
No i won’t bend.
I shall dance
To the beat of my heart,
As it reminds me to play well my part,
Before it’s too late, before i can’t.
Until i cross that line,
I will love
I will watch my heart break
As it embraces those we call fake,
Yes i will love.
I will run till my feet hurt,
Fight to…

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