When you meet a woman who can cook and do some housework.Don’t hesitate a minute,Marry her


Who said women should stay home?
Why a woman is always defined by home, house, housework?

‘ I chose divorce rather than being his possession. He asked me not to be a senator. In the beginning, I thought he wasn’t serious but he was. He started acting differently so I could stop my career. Losing my career would have been losing who I am. It took me my whole life to build my political career. I love him but I couldn’t lose my identity just to be with him.  I still don’t understand why my career made him feel less of a man. I wasn’t in competition with him. And I, being a successful woman didn’t mean he stopped being a man.’

I remember the beat of my heart after reading the story of one of the most powerful woman in the planet. She is a senator of the United states of America. It made me think about thousands maybe millions who have abandoned their career, have changed what they were studying or have given up on their dreams just because their man has a less degree or a small career.

‘ We are in 21st century and women can follow their dreams. I don’t think one can stop my career. ‘ that was my thoughts until I read stories about women challenges.
I have got a chance to go to school because God granted me a father who was happy to raise four girls and only one boy. My father believed in me and have pushed me to aim higher. I have seen him honoring my mother then forgot about girls who are going through a lot in villages.
Some girls never got a chance to attend school (school is for boys in some villages of Africa). Others were educated and determined to pursue their dreams until one day marriage knocked at their doors and they stopped everything. They ended up being stay at home moms with a high school diploma. The lucky one graduated college, got married to the man of her dreams. But one day, the man decided to keep her at home with babies (but that’s Africa and some parts of Asia, In America they have bills to pay so she better find a job.)

I have seen such cases in churches, I have seen it everywhere, women still struggle to be themselves. They cannot pursue some of their dreams because they are afraid to gain age and never get married. Women all over the world struggle daily to make everything shine: they have a face to decorate and a body to expose so they can be accepted. If every woman would decide to accept herself, many industries will close.

But she has WORTH. God created a woman as a helper and not a possession. She has the right to choose, the right to dream, and be whatever she wants and the most important be the helper of whoever she wants.
She has the right to shine because she can shine. But wait who has said that THE RISE OF WOMEN WILL BE THE FALL OF MEN. It can’t be true because they aren’t in COMPETITION